About RamKrishan (Joshua)

Ram Krishan Singh is a student and teacher of consciousness and living from the Heart. 

For more than 20 years he has traveled the world immersing himself in different cultures and traditions to more deeply understand himself and the thread of unity that runs through all of life. He shares in this universal spirit through yoga classes, retreats and other transformational work.

RamKrishan’ s journey began out of high school when he traveled to the Amazon jungle. There, he had the opportunity to live and study with a healer and his family, and undergo a transformative detoxification process of his body, heart, and mind. Through this experience, he learned that as human beings, we possess infinite potential for personal and collective growth.

Inspired to understand how society has moved away from this fundamental truth, RamKrishan dedicated his life to empowering others to live authentically and purposefully. His quest for Truth has taken him across the globe – from the jungles of Peru, to Buddhist monasteries, to yogic ashrams, to the ancient origins of shamanic traditions in Russia, to the feet of Native American elders, to the temples of the Inca – all interwoven with his birthplace in the United States to embody and share the wisdom of our elders and a harmonious way of life.

For the past 20 years, RamKrishan has worked with people from diverse backgrounds, learning the most effective methods for facilitating complete lifestyle transformations. His expertise lies in Cultural Detox, a process of physical, emotional, and psychological unwinding of limiting beliefs and conditioning to access the purest potential of unconditioned presence and authentic expression. RamKrishan is committed to helping others live purposefully from their authentic selves and realize their limitless potential.

About Elemental Arts

Out of a mysterious field of unity comes archetypical patterns that create fundamental elements. These elements serve as building blocks for all creation.

These elemental forces continually move to fill empty spaces / places where there is imbalance. The constant shifting produces the give / receive reciprocity that is life. Imbalance creates a sense of becoming and instability on all levels. When the forces are in balance there is greater stability, clearer perception of things as they are and the ability to consciously choose how these energies are directed.

What we know as our life is a dance, a constant exchange occurring upon this fundamental level. If we pay attention with intuitive understanding we can recognize the changes and learn to consciously nurture balance and harmony.

The goal is a non-attached awareness of this reality and the ability to organize and direct all faculties, forms of expression and resources with precision and purpose.

Cultural Detox is the shift to living from the awareness that we are Sovereign beings but can forget and identify with the conditions of space and time.

Elemental Arts shapes & molds those conditions to more authentically perceive and express that freedom.

These are two sides of the same coin. Two extremes of the same unified Truth.

A person may be very free, however this does not mean they are adept at navigating the seas of time & space.

Just because a person is successful, healthy and prosperous, does not mean they are free or even happy.

A balance between the two extremes is necessary. Elements Arts & Cultural Detox translates the spiritual pursuits onto the worldly life – as our deepest purpose, highest joy and most expansive destiny.

Where do we start?

There is One Universal Truth – One Unified Reality

All of creation is composed of building blocks, or elements.

These elements naturally seek balance – which manifests as health, happiness, and harmony.

When these elements are out of balanced there is disorder, dysfunction, and dis-ease .

With understanding guiding our actions we can create greater balance and wellness in ourselves and this world.