Sovereign Synergy Sessions

I support and guide the realization of our sovereign interconnected nature
and its most authentic expression here and now

I Help You…

  • Get Clear on Your Goals & Priorities
  • Identify Self Defeating Behaviors and Patterns
  • Shift Your Views / Perspectives / Story
  • Formulate a Daily Practice
  • Create an Action Plan
  • Stay on Course
  • Reflect / Refine Your Course
  • Reclaim Your Own Autonomy

What I Need From You…

  • Commitment – to work together weekly for at least 6 weeks
  • Reciprocity – giving in order to receive *see below*
  • Discipline – keep a daily practice and follow your plan of action
  • Trust
  • Your Process (all things unfolding in precision and perfection),
  • Your Guide & the Intelligence that guides your process
  • Honesty – be real and honest with yourself & share openly
  • Willingness to Explore New Ideas and Ways of Being

The Exchange

I recognize every individual’s financial situation is unique. In the spirit of the law of reciprocity – I invite each individual to discern their own appropriate rate of exchange.

Receiving is directly proportional to the degree of giving or making space.

Yet exchange is not merely monetary, it includes all efforts and sacrifices one makes in their life. 

So in order to see change one must be willing to truly stop investing in disorder and reallocate resources towards their highest wellbeing in an organized and coherent way.

ONLY then we will see a return on our investment unto ourselves.

This is a universal formula that applies to every dimension of life. This is called the law of reciprocity or Ayni in the Andean Tradition.

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