Happiness is Your Birthright

Intro to Elemental Arts

At the deepest level, this world is unified. Modern science is now seeing this and sages have known this throughout the ages.

This realization is not just conceptual, it is an experience of reality as it is…

What we know to be our life is a dance of this unified reality – fundamental elemental energy forms 🌀⛰️💧🔥 – always seeking to create balance.

Kundalini Yoga

Personal Work

Somatic Therapy


 The Essence of Multiple Spiritual Pathways

In my 7 years of practicing Kundalini yoga, I’ve experienced very few teachers with the depth of personal understanding and the ability to share the essence of multiple spiritual pathways that Ram Krishan Khalsa offers in every class he teaches.

Peace and Joy Spreads Throughout My Day

Your classes are always a joy.  You have a very peaceful , calm manner that helps the class to feel very nurturing and brings comfort to even the difficult parts. I do truly look forward to it every week. The  feeling of peace and joy I get from your class spreads throughout all aspects of my day. Thank you.

Balance Between Shakti Energy and Bhakti Devotion

Ram Krishan’s kundalini classes have been transformational for me. He brings insights of the inner worlds that harmonize mind and body. He teaches a beautiful and important balance between Shakti energy and Bhakti devotion, and speaks often on integrating the practice into everyday life. I usually find myself walking out of the studio with a new perspective.