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Each Yoga class includes warmups, a Dharma talk, featured Kriya, relaxation & a meditation.

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Stress, Trauma &
the Nervous System

5 Classes

Understand the physiological effects that Kundalini Yoga produces and how all the parts help unwind patterns of trauma / stress stored in the nervous system. Trauma is one of the root causes of the experience of limitation in our lives. This series us tremendously empowering and gives a grounded context for the “spiritual journey” regardless of tradition or chosen pathway.

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Self Sensory Being

3 Classes

The class will focus on the other side of Stress, Trauma and a taxed Nervous System – and looking at the potential of what it means to be human or a new definition for what Enlightenment means.

Power of the Breath

4 Classes

Exploring the breath’s intimate relationship with our psycho emotional experience moment to moment – and how to use it consciously to create balance and meet the challenges of day to day life.