Journey of Wholeness

vibratory_coherenceLife is a meditation, its a study… Every activity, even as simple as watching a movie is also part of the intricate process of self remembering. Lessons come from every angle… Whatever lesson the soul is focusing upon, that is the greater context for all experience (this is not always conscious).

All is intelligence. The different layers of self is like an onion.

There is a higher self or inner guru, sometimes called the soul, that understands its purpose and is mastering the ability to express itself with precision in every diverse expression of reality.

The lower self, often called the ego or mind, is forgetful of it’s other parts and acts individuated consciousness. It is composed of all the minor fragments of the self, that sometimes act independently and contradictory to each other.

The heart exists in the present moment of love, aware of even the most subtle movements and textures of the currents beneath the surface of form.

The physical body is the material universe of self, a mirror image of the universe we live within. It operates according to the same laws and principals, and should be cared for and cherished as a sacred gift. The body presents us the opportunity to serve by caring for this precious body temple that is also our instrument of perception and expression.

And there is what has been called the pain body – which is a collection of reactionary patterns, and memories of the past, requiring constant energy to maintain its existence.

The goal is for all parts of self to be in coherent harmony and receptivity to the highest self, who is the true guide of all fragments into wholeness.

When all parts are in harmony, there is a sense of wholeness and freedom. We’ve made peace with all aspects of ourselves. The sense of self extends beyond the physical body, beyond this single lifetime, and releases in celebration with every particle of creation. This is found in harmony.

When all parts are in harmony, we are no longer the parts, but the harmony itself – the peace that unites all parts in purpose and coherence. All sciences, religions, philosophy and spirituality serve as the structural disciplines leading to this same revelation.

So how do we apply this understanding that goes beyond the intellect?
The process is a journey of total transformation, involving all parts of ourselves, none left out. The process is a synergy, all parts working together are greater than the sum of all parts when working independently because they vibrate with the unlimited intelligence of harmony – the invisible unifying force of creation, sometimes also called spirit. (Think of a car, the tires on their own wont get you anywhere, the engine just a piece of metal.

Start with identifying goals
Use goals to establish direction
Align activity with this coherent direction
Expand all aspects of self simultaneously in coherence – as a synergy

Being Yourself on the Journey of Realizing Your Dreams – by living your dream, you enter into harmony with every other particle of creation, also in the journey of realizing itself.

We call the process of entering into this flow, process of releasing the past on all these levels of self – Cultural Detox.

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