My Journey

Warm Greetings

You can call me Joshua, RamKrishan, Aum, Annuruddha, Josh or anything that you feel comfortable with.

I am a man, a father, a husband, an entrepreneur and a whole hearted human being doing my best to live in a way that serves all of life.

For the past 20 years I’ve been devoted to walking a path of sincerely discovering my purpose and finding meaning on this planet. I’ve lived and studied with healers in the Amazon Jungle, monastics in Buddhist Monasteries and great masters in Yogic Ashrams, I’ve traveled across the globe to sacred sites, ancient temples, and sat at the feet of elders of countless traditions. Feeling always guided, step by step, learning more deeply about myself and the world. 

What I found was each tradition offered a different thread of a great interconnected tapestry of what it means to be human, and as the threads are woven together a bigger picture is revealed… Thread by thread more expansive, more rich, more balanced, and more whole. 

Leaving my past behind, all possessions, all aspirations and in wholehearted devotion towards discovering a universal Truth, I simplified my life to the point of putting aside all other things.

In the peace of a heart empty of all desire I found clarity, silent understanding and unity that I had been searching for.

This realization was only the beginning and did not have anything to do with HOW to authentically embody the innermost understanding in the world. 

Living within a monastery with very humble responsibilities and all needs provided for was one thing, but living dependent upon social structures that are oriented around capitalistic values over human values – to this day continues to be a challenging task.

Both parts – realization and actualization – are equally important and like two sides of the same coin. Over the years my practice has become seeing life itself as the field of both realization and actualization – removing the unnecessary detour of “spirituality & seeking”.

Our own ever-evolving vision for our life is the light of our own most essential Truth, and it’s our highest purpose to bring that vision to life. 

This is my “practice” to this day, relaxing deeply into myself and my values and expressing that in the world in an authentic way to builds health, happiness and wholeness for myself, my family, my community and all of life.

I wish that I had the perspectives of wholeness and tools that I have now 20 years ago. 

Instead somewhere along the way my path was split and has taken a lot of time and heartache to rediscover the unity within it all – the sacred within all life.

I have begun working with others in what I’m calling mentorships – helping sincere individuals get clear with themselves and supporting their journey towards the actualization of the light of their vision that guides them.

It’s been a blessing for me to witness the growth and process for these individuals and I’m grateful to be able to share the fruit of my years of lone seeking and help others not have to experience the incredibly difficult and painful lessons that I have along the way.

It’s time for humanity to understand its place on this planet and to step by step re-orient towards life… This happens one individual at a time. I’m doing my part to support those who feel a resonance, to find their way back to themselves and restore their confidence in themselves to walk in a good way in this world… A way that brings forth the light that shines from within – and collectively we birth a new possibilities.

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