Q’anil The Sacred Seed (Aug 21st – Sep 2nd)

QANILQ’anil the Sacred Seed
August 21st – September 2nd

KEYWORDS: Seed, Planting, Harvest, Ripeness, Growth, Intention

The fields have been prepared and are ready to receive the jewels of light that grow into the wholeness of their core inspiration.

Dropped by the visionary eagle Tz’ikin, the sacred seeds are planted upon fertile soils where they are bound to bear fruit throughout the course of their maturation.

This is a period of planting seeds, of receiving the sparks of light that are passed to us from our ancestors, and we gratefully receive and carrying forth the sacred vision of light.  Its not that we must perform many activities or work beyond our limits, but it is a period of allowing the heart and mind to receive wisdom in trust that it takes root deep inside, and grows within the garden of the soul.

We are the soil, we are the seeds, we are the rain, we are the sun, we are the entire nature of all creation, and through care and appreciation the sacred seeds of freedom and unlimited potential, become a living breathing reality.  Dont let it go!  See the vision, feel the vision, be the vision – be the promise of your divine inheritance!

Every day plant the seeds through actions, words, emotions, thoughts.  Trust these are placed in the right place and will bear fruits.  Allow appreciation to be the divine flow that waters these seeds.  Trust the process.  We are every part, from conception to fruition the entire process is within us – the outer is the flowering, but deep within is where all the cultivation happens.

Plant the seeds deep within the fertile soils and trust, for the next tracena of Imox is the darkness from which all things arise.  And surely the seeds planted emerge as sprouts from this womb of infinite potential.   Trust and let go, for all is in universal flow and divine order.

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