Winter Solstice 2020 Ceremony Preparation Instructions

Ceremony Preparation Instructions
Seeing the Light within the Darkness
Monday December 21st @ 6:30pm EST

*If you are interested in working with Cacao please message me and I’ll give you further instructions*

Ceremony Items:

  • Smudge of some sort: sage, copal, palo santo, etc
  • Altar cloth
  • Incense / feather
  • Candle / matches
  • Water with small vessel
  • Crystal / stone

Preparation Instructions:

  • Please write out your 12 prayers as part of the New Year’s ritual – instructions below.
  • Day of ceremony – eat light, drink abundantly, media fast as much as possible
  • Create an altar to serve as your sacred space – include each of the 4 elements represented by incense, candle, water, & stone
  • Smudge yourself, the space, room, & items in the room prior to the ceremony
  • Clean up the surrounding area / remove clutter & unnecessary items
  • Eliminate distractions – phone airplane, cover distracting lights, etc
  • *optional* come prepared to share, a song, a poem, a prayer, your art – yourself in any other creative ways
  • Arrive to zoom room 5 minutes early

Ceremony Procedure:

  • The ceremony will start with a brief introduction
  • We’ll open to the 7 directions, calling in the guidance & wisdom from our ancestors / the elements
  • The ceremony will be framed by traditional Maya ceremonial offering to each of the 20 naguals of the Sacred Count
  • Each nagual represents an archetypical energy of creation
  • For each nagual we will have a short guided prayer to connect with the energy in our own lives – then opportunity for someone to share 
  • Depending on the amount of people participating and how much sharing there is – we may have traditional calling of the names of the 13 energies for some of the naguals. This will make sense in the ceremony if it is not clear. 

1 – pronounced hun
2 – pronounced kieb
3 – pronounced oshib
4- pronounced kahib
5 – pronounced hob
6 – pronounced wakib
7 pronounced wukub
8 prounced washa’kib
9 pronounced bele’heb
10 pronounced la’huh
11 pronounced hun’lahuh
12 pronounced kab’lahuh
13 pronounced osh’lahuh

You can follow along with these written pronunciations as a guide. The sounds / words help us connect with the energies that are universal and just aspects of ourselves.

The entire ceremony guides a participant deeper into their own prayer, connecting with many facets of their life and creating balance to be able to walk forward free and at peace with their past.

The intention behind these online ceremonies is to create pathways of deeper connection – with ourselves and the great mystery / spirit that is embodied within all.

here is the correct zoom link

~~~~~~~~~~New Year’s Ritual Instructions~~~~~~~~~~~~
1) On or before the Winter Solstice December 21st – write out 12 different 1 word prayers / intentions on little tiny pieces of paper. Thats 1 word per tiny paper, all connected with major prayers / intentions you have for the coming year 2021.
2) Fold up each of the tiny papers so you do not know what is written on each of them – and put them all in a cup or container.
3) On the evening of December 21st we will prayerfully select an intention and burn it without looking at it 
4) Continue this ritual each night to prayerfully select an intention and burn it without looking at it5) On January 1st morning you will be left with 1 folded up paper – now unfold that paper and look at your prayer… All of your other prayers are taken care of, that one that is left is a major theme for you to focus your energy and attention on for the year