4 Kat

I Am
The Sacred Flame
The Light of the Word

Maltiox Ahau Nagual Kahib Kat

Lattice of Creation – Net – Channel of Creation

On this day use the forces of Kat and the stability of Kahib to untangle the threads of  beliefs that  limit our freedom.  Trace actions back to their roots and uncover the driving source.  Is this action in the highest good for all?  Is this action necessary for harmony ?  If so maybe its just the belief and understanding that needs to shift so that energy may flow.  All is universal energy and seeks free expression. Allow source energy to flow freely and be the light in the world in whatever form it takes.

It is our own thoughts, preferences, emotions, and at the essence belief that create the snags of self.  Pain is only a sign that there is something to address – so look at those areas and see what needs attention.  A simple shift and the universe may come flooding through!

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