Red Pill or Blue Pill

A reference to the movie the Matrix

-After revealing to Neo that things are not what they seem
Morpheus offers Neo the Red Pill or the Blue pill 
The Red Pill will be a continuation of going down the rabbit hole to explore how deep the rabbit hole goes
The blue pill will effectively make the whole thing a dream and return to “normal”

We operate in a construct that is in many ways like the matrix. Culture is an operating system that creates the matrix of our human experience. It directs the flow of creative life force energy, and in that way it constructs reality that is agreed upon and shared by a species within the construct.
That construct is all that an individual knows. It’s internally and externally considered reality. Yet our reality is like a rabbit hole… To begin to question is the very beginning and few decide to really venture down the rabbit hole…

I’m not talking about conspiracy theories or secret societies, or super elite or any of that… Thats all within the social construct, its all still within the matrix. What I am talking about is the very fabric of reality… What the construct is made of – and our true nature outside of the constructs of a time / space matrix.

To talk about it is to communicate symbols and ideas, that resonates with experience. If all that a person has experienced is within the constructs, then it will in a sense be meaningless – more of the same construct… But if the individual has tasted something outside of the construct… If the individual thirsts for something beyond… Then these words will serve as magnetic portals into something that dances outside of description, and intuitively there will be a sense of deeper truth.

This is just the beginning. The thirst, the pull… These things call the finite personality to explore deeper. But talking does nothing – words may point to concepts, which elicit emotion, which generate thought, which rolls on and on within the mind. But all this is in the air, its just the mental realm – its more of the same constructs that we are accustomed to. Its all we know.

Another way of looking at this is like a flying fish, who jumped out of the water and saw land and breathed air.  She shared about the other world with other fish. The fish could talk about the other world all they want, sing songs, blow bubbles, and perform underwater feats imitating the heroic story of the flying fish. But all of that is still underwater world. It has nothing to do with the other world, and it is not a step closer to experiencing it – its just a fantasy.

So too can we talk all we want about freedom, we can sing beautifully about it, we can make ourselves peaceful to imitate what we think it is, we can perform all sorts of rites and rituals to symbolize awakened behavior – but all of this is still within the realm of the conditioned reality…
So how do we actually taste this reality?  Do you choose the Red Pill or Blue Pill?
Well the path is actually paradoxical. We just need to stop trying to get there. We need to stop trying to get anything. We need to stop seeking, stop desiring, stop manipulating.

That doesn’t mean we need to stop living, stop interacting, stop being human. It means that the objective goal fades away – from becoming something to simply acting and doing for the sake of doing with no future involved.
You see we are creating a future with every doing. We project a reality every moment and effectively hold ourselves in our own conditioned construct.

Every action with an underlying desire, has an attachment to the result. The result becomes another condition that we have learned to desire more of or less of – which leads to another action. We are locked in this never ending chain of reactivity – chasing after the next moment, which is the result of the moments of the past that are also conditioned. There is very little consciousness in this – just a chain of conditioned reactivity.

We need to stop doing what we know how to do. What we’ve learned to do. The culture itself is a construct that is empty of a self, it just holds concepts together and creates a shared sense of experience / society.  It perpetuates itself. The nature of the society is decided by the members of the society. Unfortunately our society is very lost, it is disconnected from its roots, its goals are completely disconnected from a sustainable future – society is sick and isolated from life. It behaves like a parasite feeding upon its host – which in reality it is the same as its host.

So to step outside of ourselves, to stop the perpetuation of a sick society, and isolated identity within ourselves – we need to step outside of the culture and reconnect with ourselves and live from this authenticity. The issue with behavior is not that it needs to be without a goal or purpose, but that the motivation behind it needs to be without an isolated self – rooted in the false. The isolated sense of self motivating the behavior perpetuates a sense of isolation and survival and perpetuation of the false. If the sense of self was interconnected with all of life, and the action was serving all of life – even if it was just serving its own greatest good as an interconnected part of life – then the action would be blameless and there would be no sense of disconnection or perpetuation of a disconnected reality.

How do we do that within a society?  How do we do that virtually with a 40 day program?
Well its a bit challenging because the task falls solely upon each individual. The structure / protocol is provided, but the individual must follow it. AND everything around the person is also moving in the opposite direction – the path is like going up-stream from the flow of the culture.
That means when every fibre of our sense of self wants to stop following the protocol and wants to do whats comfortable instead – the individual needs to follow the protocol…

How does a person do that?

Connection and trust in the authentic self – both inside and outside, connection with a community of practitioners, clarity of the path within.
If there is no trust and clarity, there is nothing but an island and the island has nothing to grasp onto but its own familiarity, if there is community there is no external support.

Finding refuge in what is True, that is the only sanctuary.

So what is True – what can I grasp onto?
We cant grasp onto whats True. We can only grasp onto everything that is relatively True – every experience we can have is just a facet of the whole. We can experience part, but the only way to experience All is by letting go of all and not grasping anything. Then the Whole fills the experience like water an empty vessel.

If the vessel is the least bit full of anything else, if there are even any smudges on the vessel, then the Whole Truth cannot pour in and fill in its entirety.
This is an emptying of self, of all concepts, ideas, patterns… Anything that is held onto. Things may come and go, and that is natural, but if there is any holding, then there is no room.

So we meet the moment with a beginners mind. We open ourselves to the vast mystery of this moment, without grasping, without forming any ideas of what is True – for every idea is just another construct of something unknowable with the mind. Reality beyond constructs is just reality – thoughts may be part of reality, but a thought cannot contain reality. It may symbolize reality, but cannot convey Truth beyond a limited subjective angle.
So what about the protocol? Is it too just a limited lens to peer upon an infinite mystery?  Yes, it serves a purpose for a certain time in human history. It serves a certain mindset / culture – to help balance and re-frame the way we understand reality. It helps to counterbalance the imbalances of our modern culture. It aims to be as simple and universal as possible, yet it is like a medicine specifically formulated for our specific space / time experience.

The protocol is what helps shape the vessel and ensure it has no leaks, it stays clean, it is being filled with clean water, etc.

Will the protocol work for me?  It will not work for you, it serves as a framework to understand and then shift the operating matrix to align with something more natural. We must work for it. It eventually has to be discarded as well. It is just a tool to help us align, when true alignment has happened then its simply not needed anymore.

The idea is consciousness must disengage from the constructs, from the ideas, from the perceptions, from the behaviors, in order to realize itself as something that is unknowable. At that point consciousness is released and there is True Realization of that which is – before identification with an individuated facet of creation.

So this module of Authentic Relationships is about disengaging from our ideas of who / what we are. It’s about understanding the nature of our conditioned sense of self – which is largely universal for our modern culture. When we see / experience then we realize what we aren’t, and relax deeper into what we are. Embodying greater authenticity of what is real.

4 Facets / Pillars of Cultural Detox
Mindset – reframing reality – clarity – strategy
Attitude – Effort
Integrity / Action / Behavior – Communication, Lifestyle, Virtue
Experience – Awareness – Reflection

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