The Art & Science of Change

By Ram Krishan Singh

Our nature is to learn, our very physiology is built to change, adapt, and evolve. The interconnected systems of our bodies respond to change and are structured by the nature of our existence.

The intricate circuitry of the brain records experience. Information pathways connect structured memories to create more complex patterns which serve as the foundation of intelligence and all forms of thought. These networks serve as a matrix that creates a perceptual framework for our reality. These complex pathways are the hard wiring that forms who we are in the world.

Change Starts Within

Many traditions agree that the seat of the soul resides in the heart. The heart possesses a consciousness and intelligence that experiences the present moment through vibration and feeling.

The mind operates in a dimension of cause and effect, logic and concepts. Even the abstract is conceptualized and translated into a pattern of recognition within its perceptual matrix. 

To change one’s entire reality requires first a sincere desire to change. The heart makes a commitment to lead the mind, and the process challenges the entire sense of self from the personality’s standpoint.

Just Jump In

Yogi Bhajan explained that it takes 40 days to physiologically create change.

When we try to create change in only one area of our lives, it often can create imbalance because other habits remain the same and are intricately linked with the habits that we are trying to change. This creates a slow and often challenging process.

The potential of real change and transformation is within 40 days of commitment to a total lifestyle change. Just imagine trying to get into a pool of cold water: put one toe in, then out, then the foot, in and out. The entire drama of getting into the pool is a lot more painful and challenging than just jumping in.

Just jumping into our vision is the best method for change we have. By living our vision, new information pathways are formed and over time the old is automatically reconfigured into the new. When our vision is in alignment with our soul’s destiny, there is an unlimited source of inspiration and energy that springs from within. There is a positive feedback loop. We are inspired. We feel good and we do good. We serve the vision and the vision serves us to come into our fullest potential.

Challenges arise, but there is the power of commitment and the grace of devotion. When we are devoted to our vision we channel every bit of who we are towards it, and the commitment means no matter what we stay on track.

The Technology for Change

Early morning sadhana (spiritual practice) is one of the most powerful technologies for change out there. If we really want to conquer the ego, and change unconscious self-destructive patterns, we can commit to sadhana for 40 days.

40 days is the amount of time necessary to re-write our physiology and create change on the deepest levels. With consistency through the 40 days, the hypothalamus gland and pituitary gland adjusts the entire glandular system and completely changes our entire chemical composition.

Kundalini Yoga sadhana delivers the direct experience of our infinite potential. The memory from this exalted experience is recorded in the circuitry of the brain, and over the course of 40 days it re-frames the matrix of our reality to include qualities of our infinite Self. It takes just 40 days of commitment and the entire electro-chemical (psycho-emotional) structure of our physical being is re-written.

The ultimate change maker is a 2.5 hour sadhana (devotional practice) each day. This amount of time establishes the energetic flow of devotion for the day, and crystallizes that quality into who we are.

Rise up before the sun and practice health promoting habits such as taking a cold shower, practicing Kundalini Yoga, and projecting your soul through devotional singing.

This conscious lifestyle choice of rising before dawn and going against all inclination towards sensual comfort acts as a sword that cuts through the illusion of our small self, and establishes the direct experience of our Infinite Self that is free of all attachment which creates limitation.

The challenges of our sadhana and any of the practices of Kundalini Yoga develops qualities to face challenge instead of run from it, which synchronizes us with the evolutionary nature of the Universe. 

In summary, change is both a science and an art, and transformation requires full commitment. Through the application of the technology of Kundalini Yoga we have all that is necessary to realize any change we are looking for. Through the lifestyle of 3HO (including rising before the sun, cold showers, and the Aquarian sadhana), we have a pure container of transformation that keeps us aligned with our spiritual evolution and destiny.

Through devotion and commitment anything is possible.

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