Transforming Core Beliefs Part 2

Core beliefs are deep rooted stories that serve as the initiating source of I AM.

They are often unconscious, and create the story of self.  Often times these can be painful, and not easy to identify or dismantle as they are so much a part of identity and center of perception, that to lose these is to lose the idea of self.

Fear is often associated with this.  Anywhere there is fear within the psyche, that is the place to look for misaligned beliefs.  Its the fears that define where I Am, and where I Am Not – so fears often are inseparably linked to these core beliefs.

Fear is simply energy of excitement that is seeking expression, that is contradictory to another belief and so creates doubt, uncertainty, apprehension, etc.

And this is where we must look, and ask ourselves what must I believe in order for this to be true?  And then our belief is there, uncovered through our own intuitive understanding.

Example.  I am drinking water in the restaurant and a fear / doubt arises saying you shouldnt be doing this…. What must I believe in order for this to be true?  I must believe that the vibration of the atmosphere surrounding me is discordant and I am taking this discord into my body… How can I shift this belief in this moment and focus soley upon the new belief in order to live my preferred reality?  I can shift to believe that all is harmony, all is peace, relax, and trust that the perfect nourishment of the soul is being provided.  Allow the inner gaze to focus soely upon the new belief and trust.  Its just that easy.  Trust that by consciously shifting your beliefs you shift your reality, and trust your power of creation, over unconscious fears and beliefs that outlined and guided your ways of being until now.

Through a wholistic dismantling process that we call Cultural Detox, these beliefs gradually come to the surface and are revealed, and we become unavoidably confronted with these limitations /. fears – and are given the conscious choice of going into them, shifting them, transforming them in a balanced and harmonious way.


Start Now.

Monitor throughout one day any fears that come up that stop the immediate expression / flow of moment to moment interaction.  What generally happens is the impulse to express arises, and a reaction redirects that impulse into a story or thought, that instead of acting we are internally processing the energy through a matrix maze, who know how or when it will find expression.

Begin to go beyond the fear.  Move into those areas consciously.  Address the fear, ask yourself the question, what do I have to believe in order for this to be true?  Then shift the belief and say I like this better, and then act.  Transform the beliefs, trust, keep walking forward.

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