The Ever Expanding River of Light

By Ram Krishan Singh

As we shift into the Aquarian Age, we are moving towards a period of transparency and unified consciousness. The jewels discovered by the seekers and sages of the past are shared with all. The light of Truth integrates with even mainstream culture, and reaches the entire world.

At one time a seeker would journey vast distances to hear even a few words of wisdom, and now these same words may come to us on a box of tea that is purchased at the local grocery store, or is accessible with just a few keystrokes. Meditation and yoga are household words, and spiritual centers are found in even the smallest towns.

The word yoga is everywhere. Yoga means to yoke, or unite, and it is the science of union with Ultimate Reality, Universal Truth, or God. Because of the great sacrifices of those who have come before us, we have access to the technology once reserved for the few and passed only from master to disciple.

Great Yogis saw the shifting of the ages and dedicated their lives to sharing these teachings with the whole world. They spread the teachings and opened portals of peace to humanity.

Yogi Bhajan was one of these great Yogis; he brought Raj Yog to the west and shared it in a form we call Kundalini Yoga. Kundalini Yoga encompasses all paths of Yoga; joins them in a holistic framework which structures the path of union into an exact science and complete technology. Yogi Bhajan called Kundalini Yoga the householder’s Yoga to meet the challenges of the times.

The extreme amount of information of today’s age creates pressures within society that catalyze individuals to seek the experience of meaning, peace, purpose, and Truth.

Yoga is a path of direct experience. Through direct experience a positive feedback loop is created and positive habits form. With the repetition of positive habits a healthy, happy, and holy structure of self crystallizes. This crystallization is the gift of those who have come before us and the same Universal Truth of all the saints and sages of the past. This crystallization is the sanctuary so many seek, and also a peerless instrument of service for global transformation that bestows a sense of purpose.

We are only just observing the early phases of humanity’s spiritual awakening on our planet, yet we are headed towards a unification of all spiritual traditions and wisdom into a universal framework of understanding that unites science, spirituality, and religion, and illuminates our True nature and purpose in the Cosmos.

This direction leads us on the evolutionary trajectory towards the scientific discovery of the soul, through a clear repeatable process that gives direct experience of the Universal Timeless Truth within. This experience liberates and empowers individuals to stand in the same Light as all the saints and sages of all the ages and bring the pure Light of consciousness to the planet.

With this irrefutable discovery, the grand portal of the Truth of our multidimensional reality opens, and humanity steps through, experiencing a global shift that restructures all social, political, and environmental relationships upon our planet around True understanding.

We are blessed to each be a participant in this magnificent transformation of consciousness. Quantum leaps are occurring!

As we live the transformation it may sometimes be challenging to appreciate the magic and grace of what is happening. As we participate in the transformation of all denser forms of consciousness, we may sometimes forget the importance of our role. Yet the destiny of humanity is the same as our origin.

We all come from God and we all go to God. We come here as individuals and we return together in group consciousness in an upward spiraling river of light!

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