Eye Exercises for Freedom

About Eye Gazing:

Its recommended to performed these exercises every day in a non mechanical way – authentically stretching the eyes and allowing oneself to relax into any discomfort or pain.  Sometimes visuals appear and dissolve, releasing unseen physio-energetic blocks.

According to the science of Nuero Linguistic Programming every eye position has a specific correspondence to psycho-emotional function.  A person can effectively read another person’s mental process by watching carefully the movement of the eyes.  These exercises help an individual to enhance fluidity within the psyche opening greater ability to remember and create / imagine.


These exercises help to release eye strain, and mental tension.  By practicing relaxed receptivity the mind becomes more receptive, intuitive, and with greater inner peace, greater release because it takes a lot of energy to maintain the tension.

Your vision also will improve and become clearer as the ophthalmic, or eye, nerves receive a richer supply of blood. Many people use this to improve their vision.

1) Use a candle flame to serve as your gazing center point – begin with a short 2 – 5 minute candle flame meditation.  Set the flame in front of you about arm length, as close to eye height as possible.  Relax & soften the gaze to be able to just receive – allow the flame to purify the mind, the thoughts, just gaze with no intention or purpose, only the appreciation of ever softening relaxation.
2) Gazing Exercise
3) Open and Close the Eyes Strongly 5 Times
4) Blink Rapidly 20x
5) Heat hands by rubbing together and then place each palm over each eye for 10 – 20 secondspalming
6) Rub Index Fingers together to warm & then massage the eyelids in circles lightly
7) Warm the right thumb by massaging the left palm in clockwise circles – then massage the third eye with the right thumb in clockwise circles

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