Shining the Light of the Spiritual Warrior

By Ram Krishan Singh

The Age of Information

Today we literally have all of humanity’s knowledge at our fingertips, available instantaneously. Upon the world stage dramas are playing out, walls of dishonesty and separation are coming to the light as they start to come down—all reflecting the transformations within the collective psyche of humanity.  

The pressures and intensity of everyday living are becoming greater and greater as technology advances. This time has been called the “dark age,” or a period of time when spirituality and universal wisdom is not respected by the world’s cultures.

Various traditions have prophesied that this time would come, and with it the rise of the “rainbow warriors,” those who would unite humanity and bring the spirit of seeing all of life as sacred back to our Earth.

The time of prophecy has come; we are the answers to our own prayers and the prayers of our ancestors before us. We are the “rainbow warriors” destined to stand as the radiant lights amidst the darkness of the times and bring the dawn of a new age to our planet.

Information Overload

According to recent studies, the amount of information we come into contact with and consume on a daily basis is 200 times that of just 25 years ago, and more than 22,000 times more information than 100 years ago! Our biology has not evolved fast enough to keep up with and process this amount of information, and this load stresses the system.

In order to even live within the modern culture, we must be more conscious about what sources we receive and consume information from, and develop habits which support vitality and our highest well-being.

The average human being accumulates stress day-by-day and often does not have an outlet or healthy behavior to process and release information or energy. This accumulation is stored in the body as tension like layers of density which, over time, can manifest as disorders within the organism and lead to dis-ease and dysfunction. This constant pressure impacts our physical bodies, and can shape our sense of identity and the ways in which we relate to the world.

Our modern society isn’t designed to support health, and in order to thrive we must learn healthy behaviors that promote vitality and balance. In addition to a healthy lifestyle, we can practice some form of meditation which helps increase our intuitive capacity, enhances focus, and promotes neutrality rather than reactivity.

Vitality and Stress

There is no avoiding the pressures of the information age, yet our ability to show up to the challenges and meet the pressures is what we have a degree of control over. Kundalini Yoga is truly a technology for the times we are living in. The practices create a certain type of challenge or pressure, physically, mentally, and emotionally, that are designed to be strength training for your nervous system and glandular system.

The beauty is that every component of the practice, from the breath to movement to mantra to eye position—all are working precisely and scientifically to create biological change which re-calibrates biological systems to healthy rhythms that operate in synergy to strengthen and build vitality and resilience against future stressors.

It’s imperative to adopt a healthy lifestyle that promotes the highest well-being. In many cases it may seem that to do this means swimming against the mainstream, and yes, it is a challenge. But:

“First you make habits and then habits make you.”
-Yogi Bhajan

It takes 40 days of consistent conscious behavior to create a new habit pattern in the brain, and/or change a previous habit. The more deeply ingrained the habit and the more reinforced by other habits it is, the more challenging it is to change. But that is precisely what Kundalini Yoga is about and there are countless resources available online to help discover what formula (kriya or meditation) is appropriate.

As vitality increases so does the ability to meet the pressures of the times, moment-by-moment, with authenticity and ease. We become more of who we are. We are not reacting to external stimuli or information, with our attention ricocheting from one point of reaction to another; but we remain centered, balanced, present, and at ease. We respond to the moment from intuitive intelligence, very neutrally without charge, from consciousness.

I believe this is an ideal image of a spiritual warrior—a lighthouse, self-contained, composed, full of vitality, graceful amidst life’s challenges and standing in integrity.

Just through authentic presence a person is being revolutionary, they are modeling a different way. That person acts from the calm, centered, balanced, healthy, happy, whole intuitive grace, and that human being’s actions have profound impact. They aren’t tied to reactive behavior, but completely free to choose and create, as an artist of creation.

The 7 Steps to Happiness

Yogi Bhajan gave 7 practical steps as a formula for realizing our healthy, happy, holy birthright of freedom. He gave us the technology of Kundalini Yoga to free ourselves from reactive survival consciousness to liberation and creator consciousness.

The first step he gave, no matter where a person is, is commitment. By making the commitment to perform our chosen actions day after day, we develop the ability to act regardless of time, space, and external circumstances. It gives us a sense of freedom and develops the traction to begin to choose our trajectory, rather than be subject to the outer currents of the world.

Commitment gives us character, which is the crystallization of consistency that gives a sense of values and identity. Character stands on its own regardless of situation and circumstance.

Character gives us dignity, the integrity to speak and act in alignment with our values/character.

Dignity gives us divinity, being authentically who we are—the perfection of infinity in this moment, exactly as we are.

Divinity gives us Grace. As we show up to life authentically, there is a natural harmony with the same divinity which generates, organizes and destroys all of life. Harmony surrounds the individual, guiding and protecting the life in a natural flow of synchronicity.

Grace gives us the ability to sacrifice which allows us to be a servant of the moment. Able to surrender our own ideas and preferences in order to serve the supreme intelligence that has orchestrated the perfect symphony of the moment-to-moment flow of time and space.

The ability to sacrifice gives us happiness, which is our birthright and most natural state. We experience ecstasy in the seamless blending into the perfect generating, organizing and destroying force that animates all creation from the atoms to the cosmos and beyond.

This is the way of the spiritual warrior.

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