Caring for Your Aura—A Practical Understanding

By Ram Krishan Singh

Take a moment to become aware of the breath. Just as you read these words, allow the breath to deepen and become more refined in quality and consciousness. Allow each breath to fill your lungs, and feel the subtle energy that each breath delivers to your entire psyche.

Feel the space that surrounds your body becoming filled with this subtle energy and awareness. Feel your presence expanding with each breath, and allow the rhythm of the breath to carry this subtle energy into every space within the body, and surrounding the body.

The part of our psyche that surrounds the physical body is called the aura. It extends up to nine feet in every direction, but can also contract down to three feet or even less. You can think of the aura like a balloon, and the prana is the air that fills the balloon.

“Any rhythmical breathing with a certain combination of polarity of energy, can extend your aura.” –Yogi Bhajan

When the aura is 3.5 feet, the consciousness of the human is like an animal; when the aura expands to nine feet, we are living in a fully expanded and intuitive state.

“Three and a half foot is the animal bird or fish, but the mammals have bigger auras and there are mammals in the sea and there are mammals on the Earth and you are one of the mammals. Because you have the capacity of intuition, you have nine foot aura on each side up down. You are nine foot deep from your foot including your heel.” –Yogi Bhajan

The aura is part of the more subtle anatomy of our psyche; it’s considered an energetic field of protection, but it also has qualities of attraction.

“Because your aura, your circumvent force, will radiate, and that radiation will attract other auras, other magnetic fields, and the charge will discharge the unit and that will affect the mind.” –Yogi Bhajan

When the aura is strong and expanded, the capacity to deflect, protect, and uplift is at its highest. When the aura is weak and contracted the individual feels strongly affected by the outside world and the magnetic fields that we come in contact with.

“All creativity on this planet—organic and inorganic—has a magnetic field. Every magnetic field has a vibratory effect. Everything on this planet is controlled by magnetic rays.” –Yogi Bhajan

We are protected when our aura is strong because our nervous system, which is electrical by nature, is insulated by the aura’s magnetic field. So our ability to receive, process, and make choices neutrally is unaffected by outside energy/magnetic fields/vibrations. We are self-contained.

This is a very, very common situation that people face, especially people born in the 7th month of the year, July. The ability to step into a room full of people, or go into a grocery store (or Walmart), or walk down the streets of a major city, or be in any social situation and be totally at ease within yourself and unaffected by the outside vibrations—this is directly related to the strength of the aura.

The sets Strengthening the Aura and Balancing the Aura are both very powerful technologies for creating a more self-contained sense of self. And even after practicing one of these kriyas just once, you will experience a difference. In each of these kriyas you are working with rhythmic movement with powerful breathing, working directly with the aura to cleanse disharmonious energies and create a strong rhythmic vibration that protects and attracts what is in alignment with this harmonious vibration.

Ultimately we are working with our personal vibration to be in resonance with the Earth’s magnetic field. This will create a sense of connectedness and wholeness that is our birthright. This is the nature of the rhythmic practices, and as we crystallize the rhythm synchronized with breath into our psyche, we experience greater degrees of harmony and synchronicity in our life as a result.

“The frequency of your aura and the projective magnetic field, in which the reality of the earth’s magnetic fields can be contained, and the frequencies are known intuitively, will make a better person out of you, it’s no gimmick. It is what the human is.” –Yogi Bhajan

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