Happy Birthday Recapitulation

Happy Birthday To You!
No matter what day of your birth let us celebrate in the joy of creation – on this day and every day.
Maltiox Ahua Nahual Junlajuj Kame
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Let the Tears of Gratitude Flow
For the Love We Receive is Eternal
Its become a tradition to honor this sacred day, as a period of reflection, introspection, intention and prayer.  As I embark upon a new cycle around the sun, may my heart’s deepest intentions and prayers be clearly heard.  May I walk in humility, integrity, and gratitude wholeheartedly in balance, harmony, and beauty.
This year has been a year of many blessings, challenges, integration, and growth.  And within all experiences the light of wisdom, and so boundless gratitude for all is flowing in the highest good.
The clearest lessons of this year have been really over the past couple of weeks – when I set the clear intention to live this 29th year on purpose.  To act with a whole heart and embody the Truth of what I see possible, and truly apply the wisdom of my own experience, and teachings of those who have come before me.
I bow down in humility and gratitude as I share with you as my highest joy, the life principles and disciplines of freedom that I am currently exploring.
The Path
Our own self knowledge evolves as we go deeper and deeper into the understanding of who we are as a whole – that means everything from our bodies, emotions, beliefs, our unique mission & purpose, our gifts, and all the way to ourselves as timeless particles of spirit.
As we walk this path of study and gain greater awareness, we also receive the ability to act more and more wisely, or harmonious with who we are.  We may see where we are headed more clearly as our destiny, and so align ourselves to embody the integrity of the journey to get there.
By understanding just who we are, we accept, honor, and love ourselves.  We feel and become aware of our sacred calling of the heart, and head towards that.  Step by step the path reveals itself, one step at a time.  The journey is the mystery of our destiny, and the way is rarely straight or clear.  It requires patience, persistence, and unconditional inexhaustible self love, to continue to relax into what we see and feel.  Truly the more fully we love ourselves and the very path we are choosing to walk, the more fully we enjoy each step of the way and the Present Moment.
In the Amazon this path of healing and self knowledge is called the Sacred Science – because it is truly a science – a science of how things work.  By the power of our own unlimited potential of creation we create the realities we live within.
Through study of the way things work, the nature of things is revealed, and how to create the vision that we see, is clear.  This is the Sacred Science.
We are each already on the path of discovering our own nature, and uncovering the Sacred Science which has been called the Medicine, Prayer, Yoga, Meditation, Religion, its all the same science of how things work.  And the deeper we go into this science the essence of all things is revealed to be Love.
Each individual’s path is unique, the unraveling of their specific karmic actions that have created specific situations in their experience.  And so each individual chooses their form of practice in accordance to their own temperament / what they are attracted to.  And whatever the wisdom path chosen, it can lead to deeper and deeper self awareness.
This leads us to the present moment, with this understanding how do we apply it?
Whole Hearted Devotion
Devotion to Sacred Duty – or the fulfillment of responsibility
This idea of responsibility evolves, but it starts just where we are at.  It may mean for some to become financially stable, it may mean to care for one’s health.  It evolves into a more and more wholistic embodiment of what it means to be responsible as self awareness evolves.
When we worship or pray, what are we praying too?  Maybe an unseen Presence?  But what if that unseen unlimited Presence is also our own potential that lies sleeping within our own consciousness?  What if the full awakening of our consciousness is also the very power to perform miracles, because miracles are simply within the nature of things – the Sacred Science?
The Wise say that we are the Truth.  And the Truth may be realized within.
What if this is a very simple statement pointing the the fact that our bodies are Temples? And we may find that the Divine Presence already Living within?
But how do we realize this Presence, which has also been called Silence, Stillness, Peace, if our Body Temples (thoughts, emotions, dis-eases) are constantly making noise, and operating in disharmonious ways?
Our bodies are the foundation which governs emotional and mental activity.  When the body is clean, healthy and harmonious so too are the emotions peaceful and flowing, and the thoughts crystal clear.  And in this harmony of the Gift which we have been entrusted to take care of – we find the Peace and Presence which we seek.
All things are equally Sacred, and why not start with that which is closest to us and is the instrument of perception and exploration in which we are currently living upon the Earth.  If our Body Temples are not in order, and the channels of perception and expression clear and clean, then the individual feels a sense of limitation.
There is a Science for caring for the Body, and in this current generation in our culture, proper education is rare.
In fact due to our upbringing and education we have learned many ways that limit our understanding & experience of health.  Real health is a Science that transcends the body, but also begins with the body.
It has been my experience that when my body is healthy, I feel good, I feel positive emotions, inspired thought, and want to interact and share with people.  These feelings and conditions give me a sense of purpose, satisfaction, and joy.  From joy arises great gratitude, a natural flow towards the whole of all creation – and the unseen orchestrating force behind it all.  Through this gratitude I feel a relationship, that is as tangible and real as any relationship in the world.  And this relationship is a dance.  This dance is another harmony.  And in harmony there is Peace.  And in Peace there is Presence.  And in Presence there is Oneness.  And in Oneness is All Things.  And when All Things are working together in harmony there is Wholeness – which is the consciousness that unites all the parts as a coherent Intelligence and Orchestrater of the grand experiment that is all creation.
So may we all Be this Intelligence, that orchestrates our own grand experiment.  To discover more and more harmonious ways to be within the world and celebrate.  Balanced, Healthy, Happy, Whole.
Happy Birthday!
Cultural Detox
Cultural Detox is the Sacred Science of releasing that which is disharmonious, physical dis-ease, emotional garbage, mental clutter, and limiting beliefs, and re-attune to a natural state of health, harmony, and balance.
It is a synergistic process that begins with caring for the body and addressing all dis-eases and dis-order within.  Perspective, attitude, trust, and willingness are all integral factors in this process because along the way we face every imaginable limitation / fear we have created for ourselves – but we are provided with the conditions to move through them and overcome them.
The process involves:
In future articles and sharings we will go more in depth with each part, as well as suggestions and recommendations for creating your own Cultural Detox programs.  The Cultural Detox transforms into a very simple and natural way of Being that I like to call Way of Radiance or Radiant Embodiment.
So stay tuned for more to come about Cultural Detox!
My partner and I offer Cultural Detox Jungle Retreats in Peru, and Retreats here in the States to immerse oneself within completely supportive conditions, and create the opportunity for deep transformation work.
Personal retreats are available upon request as well as group retreats – dates to be announced soon

So this is my passion and my heart – sharing the Way of Radiance or Cultural Detox as a natural expression emerging from my own Joy of Being.
This year has been so rich.  From the Jungles of Peru to the Heart of New York City.  From seclusion to partnership and community.  From self care to outward service.  Duality teaching a middle way of balance, and wisdom of how to thrive no matter what the situation.
I’m sill deep in this process of realizing true balance and harmony while living in New York City – but the more I care for my physical health, the more everything else is easy.  I will be sharing more about this in future articles as well!
Prayers for this Year:
Allow Ourselves to Receive the Love that is Eternally Present
Respect & Honor the Divine Nature of All Things
Be Boundless Gratitude
Trust and Embody the Radiant Heart Vision
Devotion to Sacred Duty
Physical Care
Sharing Cultural Detox / Way of Radiance
Art, Writing, Poetry, Music, Dance, Song
Study – Mayan Astrology, Astrology, Plant Medicine, Kundulini Yoga
All In Prayer – Radiant Heart Vision
Moving in the direction of more & more simple Nourishment – Local, Organic, Seasonal Fruits & Veggies, Grains, & Sprouts
Rising with the Sun with Morning Ritual
Sharing the Way of Radiance in Articles, Videos, Workshops, Classes, & Retreats with my partner Ixta
Creating Artwork that illuminates Universal principals of Health
Embodying the Way of Radiance & Enjoying Life
Waking & Dreaming Prayer
Sharing Online – Weekly Article
Daily Mayan Astrology Poem Posted on Facebook (while I am in the States)
Every 13 Days Sharing about the upcoming Mayan Trecena on CulturalDetox.com & Facebook
Write the Cultural Detox Workbook / Way of Radiance Book

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